How do I access the live seminars and accredited courses?

Click on the “My account” page to access your self-paced accredited courses and your live seminars! Username will be provided to you once you have finished the registration process.

Are your courses accredited?

Yes. All courses are accredited by SACS-CASI and will be accepted by American Colleges.

Are the accredited courses live?

No.  Accredited courses are self-paced, but our clubs and seminars are live at times convenient for a variety of time zones.

Do you offer any live offerings?

Yes! Our seminars, events, and clubs are all live.  We have excellent teachers who will facilitate engaging discussions and creative learning.

Are the live offerings included if I sign up for an accredited course?

Yes.  When you sign up for a class for credit, you are automatically given access to our seminar/event calendar.