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Accredited American Diploma

    • Students can take our interactive courses during a 13-week period.
    • All courses are accredited by well-respect and college-accepted agencies such as SACS and CASI.
    • Student may:
      • Take individual courses to supplement learning.
      • Enroll in the full dual-diploma program.  In this program, they will receive an accredited. American diploma along with a diploma from their current school.
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Synchronous and asynchronous learning opportunities are available
Choose to take individual courses or work towards an American diploma
Participate in a variety of enrichment activities to boost your learning and make your applications stronger

Accredited American Diploma

Courses needed for a Dual-Degree

  • English & Literature 9 | 1 credit
  • English & Literature 10 | 1 credit
  • English & Literature 11 | 1 credit
  • English & Literature 12 | 1 credit
  • American History | 1 credit
  • World History | 1 credit
  • American Economy | 0.5 credit
  • American Politics and Government | 0.5 credit

*It may be necessary for students to study extra subjects depending on the school syllabus in the country where the student is studying.

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