• Maybe you’ve struggled with biology, or need to complete this coursework as part of your graduation requirement. This convenient online course provides you with exploratory experiences and laboratory and real-life applications in the biological sciences.
  • As you explore the biological sciences, you’ll gain an understanding of life on Earth. In the first semester, you’ll focus on life on its smallest level—the cell—and examine the chemical processes of life. Semester 1 consists of four units that include:
  • The Basics of Biology and the Chemistry of Life
  • The Living Cell
  • Cellular Reproduction
  • Classical and Modern Genetics
  • Since the course is presented online, you can study wherever and whenever you want as you work at your own pace. You’ll also benefit from the support of a dedicated and experienced instructor who will guide your learning throughout the course. It’s a great solution for anyone who needs to complete this science requirement for high school graduation.